Installation of new tide gauges
New  tide gauges have recently been installed at Djibouti Ville in Djibouti Republic and Pointe Noire, Congo.

The Djibouti gauge is operating and delivering data to the ODINAFRICA Sea Level Data Facility. The Pointe Noire tide gauge will soon be fully operational.



The African Sea Level Network.

A survey of the status of the African Sea level network was undertaken in 2005 in order to select potential locations for installation of new tide gauges, and also to assess which existing equipment required upgrade. This was done on the basis of a questionnaire sent to national contacts, as well as reports from previous surveys (GLOSS, GOOS Africa). The survey revealed the existence of at least 40 operational stations spread unevenly along the African coastline and island states. In the Indian several stations installed by the University of Hawaii within the framework of the TOGA project are still functioning. South Africa has an extensive network of gauges along its coastline. Other countries that have established national tide gauge networks include Morocco, and Mozambique. Large stretches of coastline did not have any operational gauges. There were gauges at eight (8) locations which were not working. Only two stations in the entire network met the specifications for tsunami early warning system (Rodrigues and Port Louis, both in Mauritius). The most common model of installed tide gauge was the OTT float gauge, followed by Handar encorders at stations that are installed and maintained by the University of Hawaii Sea Level Centre in the Indian Ocean.


  Ceuta Funchal Las Palmas Tan Tan Palmeira Nouakchott Dakar Conakry Aberdeen Point Abidjan Takoradi Lagos Port Sonara Sao Tome Pointe Noire Ascension St Helena Lobito Walvis Bay Simonstown Tristan da Cunha Port Elizabeth Durban Inhambane Fort Dauphin Port Louis Reunion Island Pointe La Rue Tamatave Nosy Be Dzaoudzi Pemba Mtwara Zanzibar Mombasa Lamu Mogadishu Hafan Djibouti Suez

Timelines for installation of GLOSS stations along Africa coastline

Category 4  Category 1: Operational

Category 1  Category 2: 2007

Category 3  Category 3: 2006

Category 2  Category 4: Unknown


Assessment of sites for installation of new tide gauges.

In preparation for the installation of ODINAFRICA tide gauges, technical visits were undertaken to inspect the sites proposed for the installations in:

Reports of other assessment missions undertaken earlier are also available:

Installation of New tide gauges by ODINAFRICA. 

New tide gauges have now been installed at the following locations by ODINAFRICA: 

The ODINAFRICA Sea Level station configuration consists of (i) A Kalesto radar gauge; (ii) two pressure sensors; (iii) a Logosens-2 datalogger; and (iv) an OTT HDR DCP satellite transmitter for the Meteosat.


Installations by other partners. 

In addition the following sea level stations have been upgraded within the framework of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Early Warning and Mitigation System: Mombasa and Lamu (Kenya), Zanzibar (Tanzania), Pointe La rue (Seychelles), Rodrigues and Port Louis (Mauritius).  


New stations have been installed at Inhambane and Pemba (Mozambique) within the framework of the GLOSS programme. 


ODINAFRICA has established collaboration with the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level, Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System, SHOM and Benguela Current LME project to ensure that there is a more comprehensive network of evenly spaced sea level stations, providing data near real-time, and addressing the key oceanographic phenomena along the African coastline. Other stations that will be installed/upgraded within the framework of this collaboration include: 


ODINAFRICA:  Limbe (Cameroon), Alexandria (Egypt), Nosy Be (Madagascar), Casablanca (Morocco), Dakar (Senegal), and Cap Bon (Tunisia).

IOTWS/GLOSS: GLOSS will also install satellite transmitters at Simonstown, Port Elizabeth and Durban (South Africa) 

BCLME (5): plans to install gauges at Lamberts Bay (South Africa), Luderitz and Walvis Bay (Namibia), and Namibe and Luanda (Angola).

SHOM –France (3): plans to instal gauges at Point des Galets-La Reunion, Dzaoudzi- Mayottee (France), and Tamatave (Madagascar). 

NATIONAL ORGANISATIONS (4): Shimoni, Malindi, and Lamu (Kenya), Lagos (Nigeria).


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