Madagascar (Fort Dauphin) Station information sheet

GLOSS number 271
Station name

Fort Dauphin (Taolanaro)

Country Madagascar
Time zone 045E, GMT + 3hrs
Latitude (+ve N) -25.01666
Longitude (+ve E) 47
Ocean Indian
Observation period(s) 1991-
Responsible country Madagascar
Authority responsible
for tide gauge
Department d'Oceanographie Physique et Chimique (C.N.R.O.), BP 68 (207) Nosy-Be, Madagascar Tel: 86 613 73
GLOSS contact Dr.Hanta Rajoharison
Centre Nationale de la Recherche Oceanographique
Boite Postale No.68
(207) Nosy-Be
Committed to GLOSS Yes
Operational Yes
Location map View location map for GLOSS station Fort Dauphin (Taolanaro)
Float Yes
Pressure No
Bubbler No
Acoustic No
Radar No
Digital data Yes
Data acquisition rate continuous recording, filtered to hourly data.
Real-time data available No
Tide gauge benchmarks Hydro-benchmark situated on the top of the well
Benchmark relationships Tide gauge zero (TGZ) = zero hydrographic TGZ = 2.78m below TGBM TGBM = 1.03m below benchmark BM: rivet set on the beacon in front of the tide gauge hut
Auxiliary benchmarks Rivet set on the beacon in front of the gauge, 3.81m above zero hydrographic
Data at PSMSL  
MSL method Doodson X0 filter
Additional information  
Other relevant information The tide gauge has been adjusted by direct surveying with the hydrographic zero reference. The zero of tide state coincides with the hydrographic zero reference.
Last updated 1998-01-28